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Electronic Collaboratrion Project See the digital stampsheet created by internationla artistamp creators on the theme of Magick & Mystery.

191 The Mailart Assemblage Zine Visit the ongoing digital assemblage zine of mailart and artistamps

DragonMail POSTCARDS send artwork from Planet Dada Studios as electronic postcards

PLANET DADA CENTRAL adds a Quick Access interface to the portal. Now visitors can go direct to metanet sites with improved load speeds.

The Guestbook feature is fully functional as of 6th February 2000. Please email any errors still found.


Planet Dada unveils its new site for the millenium featuring mailart, grafix and music for the 21st Century. With new artwork, Travels in China photography, MP3s and e-books in the new free download section. Complete your net cultural experience today.

New for January 2000 - Magick & Mystery Mailart
Send pictures no bigger than A4. No returns, no jury,no fees, online documentation.

191 Online
The mailart assemblage zine goes digital. Ongoing contributions are requested as singles which will be assembled and distributed online. To contribute to the final traditional copy, the Artistamp Special, send 24 pages A5 with an artistamp on each, bound copy to all contributors. Deadline March 1st 2000.

Send mailart to
Planet Dada
11 Menin Road
Derby DE22 2NL

email planet dada

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Capricorn (December 21 - January 20)
This is the perfect opportunity to accomplish the seemingly impossible. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to get done if you do things one task at a time. If you make sure all your projects are complete before you start something new, you will be pleased with the results. You will be feeling especially idealistic and high-minded, but be sure to come down to earth long enough to plan something special for yourself.

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